• Long overdue - Reading "How to be an antiracist" by Prof. Ibram X. Kendi.
  • Donating to causes that support black folks the way they want to be supported.
  • Not just donating when/where the world is on fire (ie USA now) but also supporting local organizations doing work that works against racist agendas. This includes organizations in Africa that help people get access to resources (laptops, education, etc), which is what I've mainly been doing so far, but also in Uruguay where racism is present in our every day reality.
  • Calling out racist shit when I see it. This is ironically the hard one, because it's through this action that you put yourself in "danger" of losing jobs, reputation, friends. It's also important to do it anyway, and not expect my black teammates to be the ones calling it out all the time.

This is now my accountability diary. Fuck racism. If you're a white leader, I hope you also start to keep yourself accountable, because it's us who should be doing the work rather than expecting our black peers to do it for us.